National College
for Home Affairs
  • Bine ati venit
  • Starting with the 2008-2009 university year,
    M.A.I. founded The National College for Home Affairs
    within “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy
  • The experience exchange performed
    nationally, including with other colleges
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Students of March - May 2014 series are notified that module IV (on-line) has started. Each of the students is asked to access the College’s platform, where they will find the information needed for getting through the module.

Professors, experts and collaborators

Professors, experts and collaborators of the home affairs integrated studies college

Dirk DOUBOIS - Director Colegiul European de Securitate și Apărare, Brussels
Raed ARAFAT, Ministerul Afacerilor Interne
Prof.univ.dr. Augustin FUEREA
Prof.univ.dr. Mihai BĂDESCU
Prof.univ.dr. Valeriu TABĂRĂ
Prof.univ.dr. Iulian CHIFU
Prof.univ.dr. Teodor FRUNZETI
Prof.univ.dr. Anghel ANDREESCU
Prof.univ.dr. Daniel GHIBA
Prof.univ.dr. Marian NĂSTASE
Prof.univ.dr. Răzvan Cătălin DOBREA
Prof.univ.dr. Sergiu Adrian VASILE
Prof.univ.dr. Costică VOICU
Prof.univ.dr. Țuțu PIȘLEAG
Prof.univ.dr. Anca Lelia LÖRINCZ
Prof.univ.dr. George ȚICAL
Conf.univ.dr. Alexandru TONEA
Conf.univ.dr. Ștefan CIOCHINARU
Dr. Mihai Liviu DĂNILĂ
Colonel Gheorghe Sebastian CUCOȘ
gen bg. (r), Dr. Mircea MÎNDRESCU