National College
for Home Affairs
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  • Starting with the 2008-2009 university year,
    M.A.I. founded The National College for Home Affairs
    within “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy
  • The experience exchange performed
    nationally, including with other colleges
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About us

C.N.A.I. (The National College for Home Affairs) has the role to ensure the institutional frame corresponding to the national and strategic level, in order to train and continuously develop the M.A.I. (Home Affairs Ministry) personnel and other personnel categories within the country or found abroad, in the field of internal affairs.

Starting with the 2008-2009 university year, M.A.I. founded The National College for Home Affairs within “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy. The College works based on the Government Decision no. 1239/01.10.2008.

The College courses contribute to:
clarifying concepts;
developing the strategy and home affairs doctrine;
supporting the process of taking strategic decisions with specialized expertise at an institutional level;
accomplishing the M.A.I. missions and any other national responsible components through home affairs study programs..

The National College for Home Affairs courses have the following features:
a) providing training in the Home Affairs field for officers having top management positions or M.A.I. experts, for personnel from other fields of activity and for civil society representatives;
b) completing the continuous training through deepening the knowledge regarding police cooperation in the Schengen context, in order to apply the best practices for counteracting severe trans-border criminality;
c) curricula includes specific themes related to Home Affairs at national and European level;
d) developing scientific research in this field of activity.

The documentation strategies include departures, briefing, lectures within the M.A.I. Operational Management General Directorate, the Disasters Monitoring Center from Ciolpani, S.E.L.E.C., I.G.P.R., the Schengen Directorate, the Forensic Institute, I.G.J.R. and I.G.P.F. operational basis, S.C.O.M.A.R. Constanta, Budapest and Münster Universities, the Police Improvement Center in Budapest, the I.L.E.A. Academy in Budapest, the Home Federal Ministry of Germany, the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union and the Council of Europe.

The College courses are graduated by passing an exam which certifies the professional competences; graduates are to be given a certificate that testifies the professional competencies acquired, issued by “Al. I. Cuza” Police Academy.


Number 2 of Studies and Researches for Home Affairs Journal [download]

CNAI Foundation.

By setting up the The National College for Home Affairs Foundation, an important event in sustaining college education takes place.

The Foundation is set up according to O.U.G. (Order of the Minister) no. 152/2008 and Law 17/2010, having the following goals:
a) promoting, supporting, developing academic and scientific research, by reuniting its members and also the teachers and graduates of the College within “Al. I. Cuza” Police Academy, in order to continue the training about defense, public order and national security;
b) promoting communication and cooperation with both home and international institutions and organizations, in order to learn and develop the Romanian cultural values in the fields of defense, public order and national security. .


Students of March - July 2013 series are notified that module IV (on-line) has started. Each of the students is asked to access the College’s platform, where they will find the information needed for getting through the module

Taxes for National College for Home Affairs courses